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Best Barbeque in the business since 1996

Meet the Grill King (Steve Jackson)


"I'm very passionate about cooking.  I discovered a new level of perfection after I invented my special hand-craft heat retention bar-b-q grills. I was enlightened as to how these grills intensified my already flavorful way of seasoning.  I'm ascertained you will be equally amazed. I take great pride and care when ask to host your special occasion.  The majority of food items are prepared on site same day of your event.  All items are purchased  fresh from reputable vendors that is prompt by your order, a day or so leading up to your schedule event to ensure freshness."


**Important notice regarding condiments:  Grill King do not automatically provide condiments such as: napkins, fork & spoons or bread items that are not sandwich bread.  In my experience the majority of my clients are sensitive in this nature (bread allergies, event coordination color and setup preference). 

 I respect that I do not have that control.  Please let me know if you are providing your own or would like for me to include them.
Sandwich dressings and barbecue sauces are provided.
     Please bring any dining issue you are experiencing to the attention of Grill King master barb-q 'er (Steve Jackson) and have the matter greatly resolved.  Remember it's all about presenting you with the best of me...  I'm here for you!