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" Steve WOW, you and Joan cook the best BBQ ribs and chicken I have ever tasted. Keep up the great work. I will put your name out there. How far will you travel? Have a blessed day. "  Timothy J. O'Malley, CFM

Best Ribs

Tim O'Malley


07/11/2007 00:38:55  "You Go Cuz!! Love"  Sharon 



07/10/2007 13:19:59  "I am so proud of you cousin, keep up the good work and I am wishing you much success. love ya"  Stephanie

Stephanie Terry



 07/03/2007 14:23:48  "Robert! Keep cooking you guys are the best."


03/21/2009 08:34:10  "Son your grills look mighty nice. I'm gonna have to come and see ya when I get a chance to in MPLS. You go boy!!"

Brian Day

06/19/2011 01:24:08  "Some pretty impressive"

Marvin Taylor

Pretty nice

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