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Grill King Menu



"grilled to Grill King perfection"

Rib Tips

"succulent & grilled per Grill King flavors"

Pull Pork

"mouth watering and fit for Grill King "

Fried Chicken

"crispy golden fried"

(specify light or dark).

Barbecue Chicken Quarters

"grilled in Grill King’s special sauces"

(specify light or dark) .

Grill King Curry Chicken

"saute’d in curry and special seasoning"

(specify light or dark) .

Grill King Jerk Chicken

"fired up in jerk and special seasoning"

Beef Brisket

"tender & juicy"


"tender and juicy"

Hot Dog

"pork or beef "


"pork sausage "

Fried Cat Fish

"golden fried and perfectly seasoned)"

The Real Grill King Turkey Leg

"specially grilled, it’s plump, juicy and finger-licking"


Grill King Southern Style Greens

"satisfying flavor that cannot be duplicated"


Grill King Green Bean & Potatoes

"mouth watering"


Grill King Bake Beans

"include ground beef and special seasoning"

Grill King Spaghetti

"zesty Grill King flavor"

Grill King Duck Dressing

"oh so good"


Homemade Corn Bread

"Grill King traditional"


Corn on the Cob

"buttery, sweet"


Mac -n - Cheese

"(Grill King cheesy recipe"


Potato Salad

"Grill King traditional recipe"


"Grill King traditional recipe"


Crab Salad

"(Grill King deliciously made"


Fruit Salad

"refreshingly good"


Peach Cobbler

"Mississippi delicious"

Pear Cobbler

"Mississippi delicious"

Sweet Potato Pie

"light and satisfying"

Coconut Pie

"mouth watering"

Pound Cake

(lemon, chocolate or butter) "moist"

Banana Pudding

"rich and flavorful"