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  1. Is there a charge for delivery?

    Grill King includes a transportation charge on all deliveries.  See Proposal and Contract for fees.

  2. How far will you deliver?

    While there has currently not been reasons to set limits for local and metro area deliveries, please inquire with Grill King before making final decisions.

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  1. What is the minimum # of guest you will cater to ?

    Grill King caters to a minimal 50 per single event.  Grill King has paticipated in several multi-level vendor event and festivals that catered to 2k - 10k event go'ers 

  2. What are your food specialties?

    While I consider all of my food items to be tasty and seasoned to perfection;   Grill King specializes in the best kept secret for BBQ Ribs, Rib Tips, Turkey Legs and Chicken .  Please see menu.

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