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About the Enterprise

My name is Steven Jackson.  

I'm sole owner of Turtleback Enterprises (est. 1996).  The inventor of "The Real Grill" (old fashioned heat retention commercial bar-b-cue grills). My grills are made from steel barrel drums. Hand-crafted with wood-deck shelves, smoke ventilating stacks, mesh cooking grates for even temperature & odd food sizes. They have wheels for easy maneuvering, as I like to pull them out to festival events. These grills are excellent for recreation & commercial use and is largely a part of what adds the distinguishing flavor and texture to my mouth-watering food items.  I use to  build "The Real Grill " and market to clients for home use.  But due to demands for my tasty and succulent food, I no longer have the time and energy required to mass produce them.  So, by now you probably suspected that I love to cook.   Yes, with a passion!  I am owner/operator of "The Grill King" catering.   You won't discover a more satisfying set of ingredients hitting your taste buds than right here.   So don't hesitate to contact me or visit my guestbook...

"Call the Grill King for your next special occasion and let me cater to you."



Established since 1996

It is my intention to share with you my joys of grilling at its best. This is done collectively through my barbeque grill invention and savory foods...

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